Vacation mode is over

Week 14-21: 2 Changes & 11 Additions. A "vacation period", spiced with a ton of research is over now, and we are getting back in gear to output some serious changes.

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Erosion Patterns

Week 13. 1 change & 1 addition. The erosion on the old 2d map client left visible patterns, that should hopefully now be killed. We also simplified the new 3D map code so it will be easier to build/expand. We were a bit stuck, no shame in that since what what were trying to do is quite hard.

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Rebuilding a world

Week 12: 5 Changes & 4 Additions. Rebuilding something this complex, in a new and better(read more complex) way is damn hard. It is coming along nicely, but we did manage to burn ourselves out and spend 3 days playing other computer games.. Lol. We are however back in business now.

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Giant leap for gamekind

Week 11: 5 Fixes, 5 Changes & 6 Additions. The 2nd version of the client is as far as it is going to get. For our next features we need to rebuild the whole thing almost from scratch. So this promises a 3rd generation Engine that will be far faster and stronger while sporting features that will blow any gamers mind!

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Minimap colors

Week 10: 5 fixes, 4 changes & 6 additions. A ton of fixes & cleanups this week. Most of what happened this week was behind the scenes, and we've gotten faster, smoother and more effecient. We are edging towards some really promising features in the near future.

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Database Boost

Week 09: 3 fixes, 4 changes & 9 Additions. Major speedup on everything and the results of last weeks gargantuan workload is still pouring in. Much of the interaction with the world is now in place and basic working UI as well. Ass kicked last week trickles into new functions as we build the structure needed for all that stuff to work.. Amazing progress! =D

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